Saturday, 6 October 2012

Learn C Programming In jst 2 weeks

LeArN C PrOgRmMiNg in jst 2 weeks

Hey guys this Santosh....
 i'm kinda new to this place but not to c programming...
i've created a lot of simple programs for beginners like calculators which i've not posted anywhere i'm even learning "GAME DEVELOPMENT" I think I wont b tough…..
but right now m here guys to help ya’ll out wid C Programming….
Most of dem think its kinda tuf, or even requires geeks….but trust  me guys if ur ready  to sit ur assoff in front of desk n work I guess nothing is tuf 4 any1………
SO lets get started…..

C programming Intro:

So c programming was a language created by Ken Thomson and Dennis M Ritchie around 1973 at AT&T bell labs….first of all it was a language created by those guys to help others to create programs or in other words solve a problem of all most all kinds like mathematics, physics n everything…… so lets c.
C contains many topics such as some of them are given below:-
a. header files
b. main( )
c. declaration of variables
d. statements also called as code
e. global variables local variables etc etc,,,,,
 let me jst show u one program::::
u need to hav turbo c++ to execute the following program….
int a,b,sum;
printf(“the value of a and b”);
printf(“\n the sum of %d and %d is %d”,a,b,sum);
so this program was abt to calculate the sum of two numbers using c++...
thanku guys...that's it for now...
c ya.!!!!! please leave ur comments to help me  do better job

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